From KIAC Office
From KIAC Office
KIAC - Mon, Jul. 9, 2007

UPDATE July 9- Midway Athletes Added

The 2006-07 KIAC All Scholar Athletes were reported by the schools.  The qualification standard is players having a cumulative 3.25 grade point average for at least two semesters of attendance at the KIAC institution. Congratulations to these athletes for their contributions academically and athletically….
Carlos Armenteros ALICE LLOYD Baseball
Justin Jacobs ALICE LLOYD Baseball
Timmy Taylor ALICE LLOYD Baseball
Chris Hurt ALICE LLOYD M. Basketball
Daniel Day ALICE LLOYD M. Basketball
Eric Mullins ALICE LLOYD M. Basketball
Rodney Mitchell ALICE LLOYD M. Basketball
Jefferson Musgrave ALICE LLOYD M. Cross Country
Ryan Martin ALICE LLOYD M. Golf
Weston Childers ALICE LLOYD M. Golf
Taran Cody ALICE LLOYD Softball
Cassie Whitaker ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Elisha Hall ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Mara Biliter ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Sierra Wynn ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Tabatha Sprouse ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Taran Cody ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Whitney Lykens ALICE LLOYD W. Basketball
Jessica Drake ALICE LLOYD W. Cross Country
Mara Biliter ALICE LLOYD W. Cross Country
Dustin Kreimer BEREA Baseball
Justin Hammons BEREA Baseball
Brandon Peterson BEREA M. Basketball
Brian Gover BEREA M. Tennis
John Damron BEREA M. Tennis
Jonathan Hunt BEREA M. Tennis
Jumis Lomelis BEREA M. Tennis
Kannatassen Appavoo BEREA M. Tennis
Kathy Pool BEREA Volleyball
De-An Watkins BEREA W. Basketball
Jenna Lowe BEREA W. Basketball
Rebecca May BEREA W. Basketball
Sarah Hughes BEREA W. Basketball
Maureen Kluesener BEREA W. Soccer
Ashley James BEREA W. Tennis
Jo Ellen Pederson BEREA W. Tennis
Kristin Cecil BEREA W. Tennis
Johnny Merrill BRESCIA Baseball
Will Devick BRESCIA Baseball
Robert Correll BRESCIA M. Soccer
Brooks Sigers BRESCIA Softball
Cindy Langley BRESCIA Softball
Jenny Hall BRESCIA Softball
Jenny McConnell BRESCIA Softball
Kendal Messamore BRESCIA Softball
Lacey Kelly BRESCIA Softball
Lauren Troutman BRESCIA Softball
Natalie Wilkerson BRESCIA Softball
Stephanie Coomes BRESCIA Softball
Krystal Smith BRESCIA Volleyball
Margret Johnson BRESCIA Volleyball
Megan Beiting BRESCIA Volleyball
Rachel Howard BRESCIA Volleyball
Chancey May IU SOUTHEAST Baseball
Phillip Lady IU SOUTHEAST Baseball
Brandon Richie IU SOUTHEAST M. Basketball
David Ballage IU SOUTHEAST M. Tennis
Jordan Hamilton IU SOUTHEAST M. Tennis
Tyler Rigby IU SOUTHEAST M. Tennis/M. Basketball
Amanda Dispennett IU SOUTHEAST Softball
Krista New IU SOUTHEAST Softball
Anna Mullet IU SOUTHEAST Volleyball
Stacey Flatt IU SOUTHEAST Volleyball
Andrea Chambers IU SOUTHEAST W. Basketball
Leigh Butke IU SOUTHEAST W. Tennis
Megan Doan IU SOUTHEAST W. Tennis
Jenni Townsend IU SOUTHEAST W. Tennis
Jenna Richie IU SOUTHEAST W. Tennis/W. Basketball
Danielle Lascoe
MIDWAY Women's Basketball
Jessica Stansbury MIDWAY Women's Basketball
Emma Hall MIDWAY Women's Basketball
Katie Arsenault MIDWAY Women's Basketball
Katie Peterson MIDWAY Women's Basketball